Nightmare was an animus cross tribe dragon. He was from all the dragon tribes. The queens were loyal to him. He was offered jewels, gold. But he rejected. His request was, "I only ask for your friendship." They of course befriended him. He was kind and nice. But one fateful day, there was an invasion. The DarkWings and SpiritWings were going to invade Pyrrhia and take the continent for their new home. But kind gentle Nightmare thought he could convince them to return to the Underworld. He thought that he could make a compromise. That they could share the land. But he was horribly wrong. The queens glared at him. "Nightmare. We trusted you. We believed you. Now we cannot believe you would betray us." They hissed. "Maybe we could-" He started. "Silence!" Queen Stargazer roared. "As your Queen, I shall banish you from the tribe. the BloodWings are looking for a test subject for one of  their experiments. It hasn't worked. They will want someone to step up and be used in the experiment." "Yes, Your Majesty." Nightmare said unhappily.

I hope I don't get hurt! He thought. The SpiritWings and DarkWings had retreated back to their home hissing that they would be back. "Don't worry Nightmare. This experiment should teleport you to the Ice Kingdom and send you back. If this works, we can use you to go to the Underworld to save the 99 prisoners stuck down there. If not, then we will have to find another test subject." Professor Fang said coolly. "Alright." Nightmare replied. "I'm ready." "Good. Now, hop onto here... Yes, yes.... Good! Okay." Fang cried. Fang slid the next polished black boulder. "Okay. Now just-" Fang never got to finish his sentence. "OW!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!! Stop! Please it hurts! Ow! No!!!!!! S.. Save M..Me!!!!!!!!!!! I..." Nightmare howled. The ground opened up beneath him. The last thing everyone heard was, "I am.... Forever lost..."

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