StoneWings have diamond hard claws for digging, and mining for jewels as they are part of the Bolt Squad, (See: ~BoltWings~ ) and they have diamond hard, and serrated teeth for chewing very hard materials. Like IceWings, StoneWings have extra horns, but these are just gems. They usually match the dragon's eye color, and will light up if nervous, angry, or if they sense danger. They have see-in-the-dark eyes. Their tail is a hole-drilling tail, perfect for mining.



This is when StoneWings are sent to the Kinetic, or Training Squad. In that Squad, they learn Geokinesis, where they help BoltWings, BloodWings, GemWings, and CaveWings, mine for jewels, and precious stones. Like MudWings, StoneWings treat other dragons as family, and are sometimes overprotective.


Queen Gemstone


Crystal, a gem born

Gem Borns

Gem borns can cause crystals to sprout from the ground, and like retractable spines, (THX POPCORNCOMET, See StormWings,) can make crystals come out of scales LIKE retractable spines.

Fantasydragon2670's Notes:

If you want to make a dragon please ask me first!


Popcorncomet - Retractable Spine idea

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