This tribe is made by Foxyrules1003 and me only!

If you have any ideas please say so, I will be sure to credit you!



LoveWings don't have any formidable point on their tail, they have a feathered one. They also are built like FossilWings, sharp teeth at the front of their maw, blockier ones at the back. They are also red, like a BloodWing, and look a lot like them, except have a feathered point at the end of their tail.


LoveWings can charm a dragon into doing their bidding, its something about taking over the mind.



Princess Valentine is a most valued dragon, and Queen Romantic worships her daughter nicely. Although, of course Valentine is too modest to ask for anything.


There are two ways to feed: negative and positive


You can feed off of someone's love.


You can feed off of someone's hate.

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