Description: black, with electric blue eyes, tails, and blood, have spikes on their tails/head/ neck/back, underscales white/silver, underbellies white/silver Abilities: can spike dragons, shock dragons, they can travel through time, stop time, can breath blue/white/silver fire, Mind Glitch, can spit a deadly hallucinating venom Queen: Queen Virtual                                 ~CyberWings History~ Unnatural Abilities One of the myths of the CyberWings is that they were the origin of the Pyrrhian Tribes. BUSTED! Incorrect. The CyberWings are part of a large group called the MythWings. (See MythWings.)

Some of their unnatural abilities are breathing a hallucinating venom. This is an ability that is so hard to master, very few dragons try. The queen's own daughter, Hybrid has mastered this, after four years.

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