This tribe was made September 21, 2014.

This tribe was made by Fantasydragon2670 and Starryy0122!

If you would like to make a BloodWing please ask me first! (Me: Fantasydragon2670 or Starryy0122, cuz we are the same.)

If you have any ideas, please let me know, I will be sure to credit you!



Like the color of average dragon blood, BloodWings are red. They have sharp fangs, and silver claws. They are also built like an omnivore, they have sharp teeth and the front of their maw, and slightly blockier teeth at the back of the maw. At the end of their tail is a formidable arrow point tail, with a Blood Venom. BloodWings are sometimes adorned with treasure, such as Prince and Commander, Xili. He has a sort of necklace around his neck, with a Bloodstone gem inside.


Blood Venom

Blood Venom is stored in the arrow point tail of a BloodWing. This causes internal bleeding, and complete shut down of the Nervous System.

Life Drain

Like it's name suggests, Life Drain drains the life of a dragon, such as the nerves. The nerves are gone, and so are the muscles, giving way to the fatal bite. Dragon dies within three hours, if they have not found a cure. Because there isn't one. BloodWing venom is incurable.

Echolocation, Retractable Claws, & Bat Morphing.

Echolocation gives the BloodWing the ability to see things in the dark. This gives a bonus: super sharp ears. Retractable claws come in handy; they're used to hook onto the back of branches so the BloodWing can sleep like a bat. Bat Morphing gives the BloodWing the ability to change into a bat.



The Queen is Queen Bat. She can shape shift into a bat, and like FossilWings, moves in a pack. She is kind, but not perfect. She has a naughty side, she likes to romp around and sometimes cause trouble. She is a dragon who likes to troll, and leaves dragons confused but always smiling.

Prince and Commander

The Prince and Commander is Commander Xili. He is nice, a little silly, but extremely sensitive. Do not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, mention that he has a crush on a dragon outside of his tribe.

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