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ZoneWings are very weird dragons. They have a serrated arrow point tail, fatal to dragons who dismiss this to be useless. They have no irises, their pupils are yellow, green, red, silver, gold, or blue. Twilightborns are the only ones with stars in their eyes, and with a black-purple-gold pupil. ZoneWing traits range from loyal, determined, bold, or Born Leader. Born Leaders are dragons with a halo-like ring above their head. Like SpiritWings, DarkWings, VineWings, and StormWings they have circling objects. These are planets, or stars. SpaceWings have these too.


Dark fire:

This is black at the base and fades into purple or red, depending on the pupil color. This causes smoke to circle the victim, eating away their body. But this fire can make dragons sometimes disintegrate.

Feathered Wings:

This allows the ZoneWing to grow feathers on their wing undersides, making their halo glow. But this only lasts for a few hours and is not very useful.

Retractable and Shoot-out Spines:

This allows the ZoneWing to have retractable spines, but with a knock-out poison equipped inside of them. They can shoot these out, in a life-or-death emergency.

Life Shield and Morphing:

Life Shield

This allows the ZoneWing to shield their life, from blindness, deafness, and burning. This is a very helpful move, and they only use it to help their allies.


A ZoneWing can morph into the sky, or an object, thus making them invisible. But their eyes are unmistakable, sometimes not helping.


The Queen would be Queen Twilight. She is very beautiful and is adorned in treasure, making her the most beautiful dragon in the kingdom. Her son, Prince Inferno has become Commander.


The Prince is Prince Inferno. He has become Commander.


They feed on something called a Fireblossom. This gives them their fire breathing abilities.

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