Zodia is an OC of ZodiaDragon and a Nightwing.

  • Name: Zodia
  • Gender: Female
  • Tribe: Nightwings
  • Eye Color: Deep Ruby Red (Ruby is my birthstone.)
  • Scale Color: Black/Purple (Notice: Under her wings, you can find several Zodiac Signs)
  • Personality: Normally bright and cheerful, always making others feel good. She is also curious about the outside world, but is forbidden to travel there. She is still young, only about to turn 6, but is still very smart. She is not very well-trained in fighting. But she is a good force to have in smarts, as she knows where everything in Pyrrhia is.

NOTICE: This page is a template to create your own characters. Zodia belongs to ZodiaDragon.

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