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WebWings are dragons distantly related to insects and spiders.

Unlike most dragons, WebWings have eight legs, much like a spider. They can pull in four of their middle legs when they are not being used to make flying easier. WebWings have slender, thin legs, good for scuttling across webs and climbing a vertical surface. Some royals have eight eyes. WebWing wings are also much more insect-like, transparent, but still with a colorful sheen. When their wings flap, they make a soft buzzing noise. Because of this, WebWings can hover and fly relatively fast. WebWings also have large pincers jutting out of their mouth, almost like curved saber teeth. These pincers click together whenever a WebWing gets excited or anxious.

WebWing scales can come in shades of brown, black, white, and gray. Vibrant colors are usually rare; though colorful patterns are not uncommon. Their eyes can come in almost any color.



WebWings, as their name suggests, can spin large webs. These webs are very strong, but much more flexible. The secret behind these webbings are two web-producing glands beneath the stomach called "spinnerets". They produce two types of webbing; sticky and dry. WebWings use their sticky webbing as traps, and their dry webbing to make weapons and buildings. These webs can not be cut using normal talons or teeth, the only thing that can break through it is the pincers of a WebWing.


Possibly the most interesting thing about WebWings is their venom. They are not born with venom, but instead they get their venom from the spider they eat. For example, if a WebWing ate a black widow spider, their venom glands would begin to make black widow venom. The first spider they eat is the deciding factor for what venom they have.


WebWings are the only dragons who can walk on sticky threads without getting caught. This is due to their talons producing a type of oil that allows them to walk freely on the webs.

WebWings can also walk on vertical surfaces (i.e. up a wall).



The queen of the WebWings is Queen Tarantula. She is big, about the size of Morrowseer, and has black scales, with red stripes on her legs. She also has eight red eyes.


Recluse, Arachnid, Blackwidow, Moth, Stonefly, Mesothelae, Ladybird


Monarch, Termite, Woodlice, Wandering, Banana, Tick,


The Web Kingdom is an underground cave system, filled with tunnels, gems, and exotic animals. This remote area is perfect for building web nests; there are crooks, and corners, and all sorts of tunnels to help out the building of the nests. The Web Palace is in the center of the kingdom, protected by walls of webbing and stone.

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