WaffleWings belong to Featherstar27. Please do not steal anything.


WaffleWings are basically tan SkyWings, but they come in different shades, from the extremely rare off-white to the golden brown of syrup. Sometimes there are black markings or markings in another WaffleWing color, but these are usually a darker color than the actual color. Their eyes can be any color, and they tend to smell good.


WaffleWings are unable to breathe fire, but they can exhale intoxicating smells that smell like exaggeratingly good breakfast. They are very intelligent, and sometimes use chariots in battle. 


WaffleWings tend to keep pets, as the current queen, Queen Pancake, owns five cats, two dogs, ten snakes, and 2 horses, which are not to be confused with her royal chariot horses, as these mares are, well, pets.

Animus Dragons

Animus dragons are very rare in the WaffleWing tribe, and the queen is one of them, but there can only be 2 more.

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