Heres some notes for my to-do list, and consider this the feedback corner for now.

First off, here's some of the things that need to take effect:

  • Category pages, especially once some new users start joining.
  • A permanent background image. I've probably changed the theme six or seven times now. So far, it's only been the default images that Wikia provides.
  • A redo of the main page. I'll be getting to this after a background image is chosen.
  • Forum sections, mainly for conversing about ideas.

This will likely update over time.

Second, I need to clarify that you may not use images that you did not create yourself. As it says on the main page, this is a legal concern. I do not want to be caught up in a legal issue, and I am therefore going to have to go through the images across the next week or so to sort things out. Please post only images that you made yourself, or got permission from the original artist to post it.

Thank you,


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