• ZodiaDragon

    Founder's Notes

    December 17, 2014 by ZodiaDragon

    Heres some notes for my to-do list, and consider this the feedback corner for now.

    First off, here's some of the things that need to take effect:

    • Category pages, especially once some new users start joining.
    • A permanent background image. I've probably changed the theme six or seven times now. So far, it's only been the default images that Wikia provides.
    • A redo of the main page. I'll be getting to this after a background image is chosen.
    • Forum sections, mainly for conversing about ideas.

    This will likely update over time.

    Second, I need to clarify that you may not use images that you did not create yourself. As it says on the main page, this is a legal concern. I do not want to be caught up in a legal issue, and I am therefore going to have to go…

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