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TimeWings are a very mysterious tribe, and are rarely ever seen, as their kingdom, the Twilight Kingdom, is cleverly hidden. The only description of them is in some filed eyewitness accounts.

TimeWing scales are a bluish black-purple, and look like they are cut out shapes of the night sky. The stars on their bodies will move when viewed from multiple angles. On their wings they have a circular spiral of roman numerals (like on the face of a clock) that spins around and glows faintly.

Instead of back spines, TimeWings have gears on their backs that do occasionally spin. Their movements are more jerky than other dragons, like automatons.


It is unknown what the exact limitations of the TimeWing abilities, but it is known that they can teleport through time, space, and dimensions. It is also thought that TimeWings can speed up or slow time, but this is yet to be confirmed.


Queen Dimension


Jurassic, Clockwork, Beta, Stage, Past, Future, Present, Generation, Infinity, Eternity, Timewind, Lifetime, Mystery, Timestopper, Timebringer, Whirr, Gear, Tide, Ages, Endless, Fate, Space, Timetaker, Destinywriter, Destiny, Random, Compass, Volume, Timespirit, Hourglass, Millenia, Century,


No dragon has ever been to the Twilight Kingdom, but some dragons claimed to have seen it in dreams.

"It was like a dimension, a dimension of sound.... an dimension of sight... a dimension of mind... and it was amazing."

Most eyewitnesses claim it to be always night, with tall, jagged cliffs and the dark outline of huge obsidian cities.

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