This isnt really a tribe since there are only six of them.

The Six

The six GodWings are

1.The God of Fire

2.The God of Water

3.The God of Winds

4.The God of Earth

5.The God of Shadow

6.The God of Light 
Demon Dragon Light Form



Fire lives inside of the NightWing volcano. Water lives in the Ocean. Wind lives up in the sky. Earth lives somewhere in Jade Mountain. Shadow lives in a secret dark underground cave Light lives everywhere on Pyrrhia where there is light.


All the gods are huge, and they all have elemental powers. Light is the strongest and the leader.There goal is to keep harmony in Pyrrhia.There scale color is the color of there element. If ever dragon thinks they are just a myth, they will be forgoten forever. They can be remembered if many dragons belive in them.