Blizzard is a grouchy IceWing who is in love with the RainWing, Glow.


Glow is a cross tribe RainWing-IceWing. Her name comes from her glowing scales, a mark of her mysterious unnamed powers...


Firefly is a wonderful NightWing who can change forms into Deathwatch, the DarkWing.


Scorpion is a venom born SandWing, born with tawny gold scales and hour glasses on forearms.


Jellyfish is a Sting-Born. This is when the mother is stung by a sea creature and so the dragonet is hatched with incredible stinging abilities.


Silt is a cute, adorable MudWing and like Clay, he likes to eat.


Cliff... He is a sweet, loyal dragonet and likes Firefly.

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