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The First Centuries

The First SunWings

In SunWing mythology the first SunWing was said to be hatched from the sun, it is said that that dragon had divine powers and could even make suns. SunWing mythology also says that she could blind any dragon that looked at her and she radiated intense heat as if she stole some of the sun and put it in her body. The last power told of is that she could make the city disappear and go into another realm, one filled with light. Many SunWings also believe that she could create SunWings in her image with light, the first SunWings.

The First Sighting

After a few hundred years a SandWing explorer never known to tell a lie returned blinded from the southeastern part of the desert speaking of a new kingdom in the desert filled with beauty but also danger, that he gazed into the sun itself, many other SandWings set out to find it ignoring the risks but many returned saying they saw a massive city of light that suddenly faded away making many believe it was a mirage. Others returned blinded saying they saw indescribable beauty, but many laughed at them saying they saw mirages or were in the sun too long and got a heat stroke and were staring at the sand too long and got blinded.


SunWings are considered emissaries of the sun as much of their powers come from it. The SunWings have no need to eat food as they absorb sunlight. However SunWings use that sunlight to move in the nighttime and if they run out of sunlight they will freeze over and turn to ice which melts by day. SunWings can shoot flames that are different from any other tribe, it is almost as hot as a Firescales SkyWing's fire and it is said to blind those it touches almost like being thrown into the sun. However this takes much sunlight and if they use it at night that will take all their sunlight to make the flames and kill them, if they use it in the day it will greatly weaken them making them feel cold and if they don't absorb enough sun the rest of that day they freeze when the moon rises. SunWings also can look at the sun and not be blinded by it but have poor night vision and their scales's light only radiates so far ahead.



The SunWings kingdom moves around the desert if a dragon approaches and to follow the sun giving them 18 hours of sun.

Main city

Their kingdom is one large city of light where a large glass roof focuses the sunlight down into a prism which scatters intense beams down the 8 main paths through the city.


There are 8 hatcheries at the end of each main path which are high to the air and have another large glass roof which makes intense light shine onto the eggs and a triangular prism at the end of the path making light shine to the bottoms of the eggs as well. The hatcheries are in towers almost reaching the top of the roof where the sunlight is strongest and the windows can open or close for flight platforms for them to practice or to close so young ones can't escape. Usually before flying a SunWing is outside to catch them if they fall.