SolarWings are known for it's extreme lightness and agility.SolarWings are peaceful and hates to get into fights, but if the loved ones are injured or dead, it takes them to full agony, and released their power. They live in space, keeping in touch by twining their tails around each other on planets, due to it's gravity. Eventually, they'll come back to lay their eggs by keeping them hidden in the desert. However, after they lay its egg it might stay down on earth for 3 years then go back to space, eventually when the hatchings grow older they'll hopefully see them by charging in the sun. 



SolarWing's color

An Solarwing's color may vary,ranging from gold to amber.One dragon may have 1 color or the other dragon in a different color in a pattern. Solarwings has 2 yellow horns. If lucky enough, it might has the sun symbol in it's eyes, increasing it's powers. It has razor sharp claws and weight about 0.008 pounds.



  • Cross-Dimension awareness - Detects actions and events in other dimensions.
  • Breath Fire - Like other dragons.
  • SolarWing features - Lightness and Agility.
  • Heat Vision - Ability to burn objects at one gaze (if it has the sun symbol and if strong enough)


  • Time Manipulation - To control time
  • Teleportation - Ability to move from one place to another without accompanying time between.
  • Time Travel- Ability to travel back in time


If it uses it's Heat Vision to much (they can avoid these by wearing sunglasses) it might end up backfiring and get overheat for their body, including the fire that's inside them. 

Social Structure





  • Like Rainwings, they charge their energy by the sun.


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