SkeletalWings are a fanon tribe made by TheAnonymousMarauder. If you want to make a character please ask me first.


SkeletalWings live in a new land I made up called Gloryiana. This is a continent 2,000 miles off the coast of western Pyrrhia.


No scales or flesh, just bones, no eyes, look exactly like skeletons of Dragons.  Can be different Dragon tribe species.


Shoot a breath of death and decay (literally).  Can’t die because they are already dead.  Never run out of energy.  Don’t have to breath.


Thousands of years ago, a evil NightWing scientist was banished from Pyrrhia. Her name was Fearstirer. Fearstirer flew far away from Pyrrhia and stumbled upon Gloryiana. She found a cave in a mountain range. In that cave she found a spell scroll. Furious at the NightWings for banishing her, Fearstirer performed a spell that changed her into a SkeletalWing. She used dark magic to change any dragon she caught into a SkeletalWing.


Riberna is their queen, since SkeletalWings live forever.