Sirenwings/Singwings are a fan-made species by AprilSilverWolf that takes place in the world of the Wings of Fire series. They are an open species that anyone can design, as long as they credit the original creator: AprilSilverWolf. You can find her here at deviantart:

Rules for making Sirenwings is that they must follow the lore below, including the design of them, and you must name them after a traditional Sirenwing name, unless it is a hybrid. Yes you are allowed to mix tribes to make Sirenwing hybrids.


Ancient Sirenwings were not considered dragons. They were wyverns, possessing only four limbs. This wasn't a problem for Sirenwings back when they lived in the deep and had no contact with any of their dragon kin on land or sea. However, once chased out of the deep by an enormous Savage sea monster, Sirenwings learned that there was an entire world outside of their home. The oceans were full of competitors, mainly colonies of Seawings scattered about the warmer climates. Moving inland to fresh water bays, lakes, and rivers, was equally as populated. Faced with preditors they had no idea how to cope with, competing for territory with no known battle strategy thanks to their isolation in the deep, Sirenwings responded instead with many migrating into underground lakes, rivers, and aqueducts. Others flitted to small colonies dotting the surface lakes and rivers and built cities there. For a long time Sirenwings stayed in hiding, trying to adjust to a cruel new world that was completely different from their own.

Sirenwings never had any animus of their own, but when they got wind of dragons with magical powers, they tracked the rumors down to the sea Kingdom, where they kidnapped an animus to do their bidding. It was a young animus that couldn't defend itself playing on the outskirts. This animus was a trickster however and, though he granted the Sirenwings an object that would allow them to have extra limbs like all other dragons, he also made it so that anyone who touched it would become crippled if they were to ever dry in the Sun, therefore prohibiting them from hurting the land dragons. He didn't tell the Sirenwings this however, and many who touched the rock and then dared to fly were killed. In rage, the Sirenwings killed the animus in a sacrificial manner, then attacked the Seawing empire, realizing their plan of turning to land had cursed them instead. Their only hope was a battle with Seawings to get their territory. The Seawings, faced with a threat they knew nothing about, tried to defend their Kingdom to no avail. Finally, an animus from the sea Kingdom stepped forward to make a treaty. Feeling a bit of pity for these creatures that did not belong anywhere, she granted them the gift of Adaptation, but took away their ability to live in the ocean by changing their gills, so that they could never again threaten the Seawings. Royalty was granted permission to have the extra limbs in their bloodline, but commoners could never achieve it. In response the Sirenwings took their humiliation with them and left the ocean forever. Queen Abalone went away, still cursed to not be dry in the Sun lest she die, and her bloodline after her.

This troubled the Sirenwings greatly, but they adapted to make up for this crippling. Sirenwings that weren't previously royal were selected as Nobles, who could do the Queen's bidding from far away, and were granted the extra limbs to do their jobs. This was a direct attack on Queen Abalone, for killing the animus brother, but wasn't meant to cripple Sirenwings which is why the animus allowed them to adapt past this with their selection of Nobles. Instead, Queen Abalone and her generations of daughters would be unable to leave the water for very long, but it would not inhibit other Sirenwings from adapting and flying.

At first Sirenwings were divided in how to handle this curse. Many argued that they should completely eradicate the cursed bloodline and choose a new one to be royalty. However, the queen barely saved her own scales by suggesting the appointment of Nobles to be the Queen's"face" . Royalty therefore is cursed to hiding underground, but Nobles are free to journey above.

Currently Queen Octavia is ruling underground. It is a secret to dragons that the royalty is still ongoing, as the Seawings assumed the Sirenwings would indeed kill off the cursed royal bloodline and start over.

To tell a noble from a commoner, Nobles have extra limbs. They also like to wear jewelry to make up for the fact that they are not true Royals but like to think of themselves that way. They wear a "reign" of precious element like gold from their beak to their horns. They also wear many dangling jewelry from their horns, wings, and bangles. The ones on their horns can act as windchimes and even make some interesting music when played with their other sounds by sucking in air. You can always hear a noble coming because they jangle their way everywhere.

Alliances: Seawings and Sirenwings have been at a stand off for generations. Although they can't do each other great harm, they certainly spew their bitterness at each other

They have no alliances, except perhaps with Rainwings, because Rainwings are gullible enough to do anything and Sirenwings are selfish. They also backstab Rainwings plenty of times by luring to the water for their sacrificial festivals. Once Queen Glory ascended the throne however, the Sirenwings abandoned the trade, knowing they couldn't get away with it anymore.

Icewings and Sandwings hear rumors but neither of them see Sirenwings all that often. Many underestimate them due to their ignorance, and although Seawings are very careful around them, icewings especially tend to just think Seawings are overdramatic and weak because icewings think Sirenwings sound pathetic and inferior.

Nightwings, as usual, are very curious about understanding them better. Catching a Sirenwing is a lot harder than catching Rainwings though. Although experimenting on Rainwings earned a lot of disgust from other tribes, no other tribe has anything negative to say about experimenting on Sirenwings because they are generally viewed like Savage animals that aren't real dragons that are troublesome everywhere and to every dragon. Therefore, many tribes have tried to catch Sirenwings for closer study, though so far, only Nightwings have created an official organization for this.

Most other dragon tribes also don't know the secrets of Sirenwing lore or where they came from . even through hatred however, or perhaps because of hatred, Sirenwings and Seawings are the only two that share this mutual secret of the past.

Skywings have zero tolerance and kill them on sight

Mudwings are often a little confused to sharing their rivers with them. Mudwings are divided on the issue, thinking Sirenwings could offer them many things if only they could be reformed into being civilized, but Mudwings are disorganized and at a loss as to how to communicate or what to do with them. Many Mudwings also kill on sight individually but the overall tribe is very confused and divided on the matter as a whole.

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