Shadowings are a rare hybrid of Nightwings and Rainwings. As hatchlings, Shadowings blend perfectly into Rainwing society with thie constantly shifting scales and are always born as twins. Uncommon to Rainwings however are thier Nightwing body shape. At around 7 years old, the Shadowing's scales stop shifting and changing , turning permanet black or purple. Unlike Nightwings, thier eyes are now enchanted with shifting colors depending on thier mood. Adding onto thier diffrencee from Nightwings, thier tongue is not forked, and thier tail long and flexible giving them climbing advantages like Rainwings. Once the process of changing is done, they usually go out on thier own to find more Shadowings. Who knows? Mabey the Shadowings are building up thier own tribe.


Since Shadowings are always born as twins, niether have venum. One twin has Nightwing fire and the other has a poisons gas. Thier tail gives them a climbing advantage.


While they are dragonets, are have no natural defenses. Their claws are quite tiny and arn't very great at combat.


Queen is not chosen by heritage at the moment. The strongest, smartest and cleverest dragon in the tribe will be queen. If the Shadowings are accpeted as a Tribe, they will choose a queen like all the normal tribes.

Queen- Queen Darknight