SaberWings are outcasts because they are more cat-like than normal dragons.


Saberwings have golden brown scales on their back, tail, the front of their legs and their heads, however their underbelly's, back of their legs, necks and paws are furry. They have retractable claws and sharp teeth. Saberwings bear a close resemblance to the saber tooth cat.


The Saberwings live in the cold icy mountains on a island called Carthine.


The Saberwings do not have any real weapons besides their sharp claws and long saber tooth cat like teeth. They are very fast and light on their feet, most Saberwings are also quite intelligent.


Their Queen is Queen Claw, and the heir is Princess Scar.


The Saberwings are very army like (like the mudwings) in fear of attack from another tribe. They are skilled fighters but without fire and with furry underbellys they have many weakness's.