Created by Timeflight, please do not use without permission. Not stolen from other tribes with the name of RustWings; if you have a tribe named RustWings, it's completely by coincidence.


RustWings usually have silver or grey scales, sometimes with a blue tinge to them, giving them a metallic, steel-like appearance. Around their claws and spines and the edges of their wings, they have specks that are usually copper, orange or rust-coloured. Some RustWings have more speckles than others, but all RustWings have them.

Their eyes can be green, but are usually a shade of orange.

Their horns curve upward and are serrated, and they have hooked spikes down their back, as well as on their chest and belly.

Their most noteworthy feature is their wings, which have serrated edges, meaning the edges of their wings are sharp like claws.

Additionally, they have a serrated blade at the end of their tail, with spikes pointing backwards in order to maximize the damage a RustWing could do with it. RustWings’ scales seem to give off a metallic scent, and become very cold when their surroundings are cold, or hot in the sunlight.


RustWings can breath fire. With their fire, wings, tail blade and sharp claws, they make a formidable foe.


RustWing territory is a series of canyons. They prefer open spaces, like the empty gorges and cliff faces that make up their territory, although most RustWings live in caves that open up into the canyons.

Names: Ore, Alloy, Gold, Steel, (metals), Fierce, Sharp, Shard, etc.

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