RoboWings are small mini metal drsgons who were designed for labor but are now alive.


RoboWing culture includes worshipping a God who gave them life. They appreciate everything in life because they didn't have life before. RoboWing young are named after mechanical things like joint or bolt.


RoboWings are metallic colors like gold and bronze. And have a spot on there side called a brand where the first RoboWing got branded by the NightWing scientist who created them. They are strong but careing.



  • Queen gear drive


  • Prince plate
  • Princesses wire and screw
  • Princess armor

Fanfiction members

  • Metal heart
  • Gear
  • Cold brand

​ History

The God of life gave them life and then they moved to an continent called Spyrahh where they lived happily.


Before scorching

NightWing city

After scorching



Before scorching

  • NightWing s

After scorching

  • GalactaWings
  • SeaWings

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