RiftWings are strange dragons that have limited control over universal properties, including time, space, and sometimes the absence of either. Please don't use these without my permission. I will likely say yes, but I think its fair that I want to know where my dragons are going!



Riftwings come in four different levels of ability, but they all have similar black blotchy scales with flecks of color dependant on the balance of power. Glitch RiftWings usually have green or bright blue-green 'spikes' that flicker in and out of existence on their scales due to the universe only just holding their unstable form in place. Time RiftWings have a dark blue-purple 'outline' just above their scales formed because colors higher up in the rainbow tend to get lost in distance more easily (think of how far off mountains look purplish) , and the area where the violet exists marks a sharp transition from one time to another. Space RiftWings are much like dragon shapes cut from the clear night sky (or how an end portal looks if you play Minecraft) the stars in their scales seem to shift position if you look from a different angle. There is one more - Abyss RiftWings. Look two dimensional, but walking around them reveals that this is not the case, somegon reported them having flecks of red like glitches do, but this remains unconfirmed.


Glitch RiftWings can travel through time and space, but they where cursed long ago so none can ever use their full potential - the universe has enough trouble upholding their existence without them pushing dimensional limits. Time RiftWings can travel to any time and can see the top 4 most likely outcomes of a situation, no matter how far in the future, but can only travel to the next decision that heavily involves them. Times have trouble with teleportation. Space RiftWings can see the most likely outcome of a big upcoming event (much like moon-hatched NightWings) and can easily teleport from place to place and even dimension to dimension. Old or skilled RiftWings often possess the ability to manipulate the shape of their surroundings. Abyss RiftWings seem to be able to use all three abilities, but this also is unconfirmed.


no known queen, but each sub tribe follows their own minimally restricting laws. all love to mess with destiny and chance, and are the suspected cause for some of the alternative dragonet's death. Apparently, they even eggnapped a dragonet that was destined to save two worlds. that did work out in the end though. Could all be considered different tribes, but are grouped together because of their abilities being so similar.

Common names include: (those in bold are already in my fanfic)

glitch: crash, bits, pixel, neon

time: dial, chrono, tic, toc

Space: vast, matter, scope, expanse

Abyss: empty, desolate, lack, hollow


comming soon................. 

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