RazorWings are large, lean dragons adorned with spikes covering their bodies. The spikes go down their back, chest, and they line the outside of their wings. They can be an array of colors, including red, orange, brown, and yellow.


RazorWing Base

RazorWing eyes can be any color, excluding pink and purple.

They are the same size as SandWings when fully grown. They have rather small wings, but can still fly.

They often have patterns on their scales and wing membranes.


The spikes covering them are very sharp, and are good defense against other dragons. They can breathe fire, and all have fire resistant scales. They do not have any animuses.


Their queen is Queen Theia.

They try not to associate with other tribes.

Anyone can make a RazorWing.
RazorWing Color fixed

An average RazorWing