Queen Taika's creator is Paradise of the RainWings and NightWings so please ask me if you wan't to edit her thanks :D


Taika's age is 12

Taika is a Female

Taika is a EnchantmentWing

Taika's allies are the EnchantmentWings

Taika likes all of her tribe and her family

Taika dislikes dragons threatening her tribe and her family

Taika's wepons are normal EnchantmentWing abilitys

Quote: "I love my people and I will protect them with my life"

Discription: Taika is pink with blue wings and her hair is black

Family: Taika perents died leaveing Taika to look after her little sister Twila and her little brother Furor

Personality: Taika is loyal, protective, honest, caring, kind and is a fair and just ruler

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