Queen Speedas is Magicborn, and has control over all magic, allowing her to upgrade herself, making her faster, smarter, and stronger. She has currently only majorly upgraded herself three times. She also can shapeshift, is immortal, and, well, has UNLIMITED EVERYTHING POWAS!!!!!

First upgrade She was purple with black claws, teeth, and horns. She also had one tuft of fur on each side of her head, and her stripe and eyes were red.

Second upgrade She was silver and had two tufts of fur on each side of her head. Her claws, teeth, and horns were still black, her stripe was purple, and her eyes were red.

Third upgrade She is black with a purple stripe, two tufts of fur on each side of her head, and silver claws, horns, and eyes.


She is kind and nice, but when you anger her, SHE WILL FREAKIN DESTROY YOU!!!! So you DO NOT want to be on her bad side. Or be her enemy.


POWAS, OPness, yea

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