THIS CONTENT BELONGS TO ANGLERDASEAWING AND HER ALONE. YOU MAY ONLY EDIT THIS PAGE IF THERE ARE SPELLING ERRORS, (note, if I use the words 'colour(s)' or 'armour" that's not a misspelling, ya trolls!) AND FOR THAT REASON ONLY!!!

Appearance and Abilities

PyroWings usually have clutches of eggs from 2 to 10, but only a few survive due to the hostility of the dragonets, who eat eggs. They have colour I, which is their main colour, and colour II, which is just for their wingtipss. Okay, this is long.. So if you really wanna see the colours that can be used for a PyroWings possible schemes, here you go...

I: Red

I: Scarlet

I: Red-Orange

I: Orange

I: Orange-Yellow

I: Yellow

I: Light Yellow

I: White

Unfinished, this is. Itss 8:16 PM, so I have to go to bed... Dontt forget to count down to January 6th!

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