Welcome to the Pearlwings

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To be clear this tribe is owned by Sweetstarthebrave.

Welcome, welcome, to the Pearlwings! I see you didnt except to find us on the lost contienent travler. What brings you here? Have you come for our treasure? Our power? The many villages we have? Were a powerful tribe dragonet.


Colors: Pearlwings range from a milky white color to a milky blue and green. Very rarely dragons are a deep blue.

Wings: Wings are larger than most dragons for helping them swim

Claws: Their claws are sharp and smooth 

Scales: Pearlwings speak aquatic. This is due to large group ofseawings coming and living with the tribe. They have glow stripes. Their scales are smooth and thick with tight gaps to keep out water.

Horns: Pearlwings have slick smooth horns that dont have any jagged lumps

Talons: They have webbed talons a larger amount than a normal seawing

Eye color: Eyes are a deep blue or green

Horns: They are a light blue or green or even purple!

Tail: Strong but not as strong as a seawing

Size: They tend to be on the large side


Water jet: They can shoot jets of water out their mouth which they get from swimming, moisture, and chemical reactions, they also can absorb and purify water they use for their water jet. They have four separate chambers near their stomach which minimize other organs in their underbelly.

They can use extracted water for nutrients: Before the water for their water jet is sent to one of their chambers all the organic matter from it is extracted so they little other than water. However they eat lots of fish every day so they can store nutrients next to the other chambers.

They can swim faster than any other dragon and fly almost as fast as a skywing

They can breath underwater: They have gills

They can speak aquatic: Due to seawing ansestory they have glow stripes

Webbed talons

They are immune to blinding lights

Dragonets born from deep blue eggs can control water quite helpful for visitors

Can shock dragons like an eel.

Since of their water and nutrients chambers they can survive for awhile without water and food


Queen: Queen Oyster

King: King whale-shark

Royals: Princess Quartz/ General Quartz

Generals: General quartz



Animuses: None

Hybrids: None


Pearlwings are named like seawings but also include names of tropical plants and animals like Palm. Also they can be named around beauty such as shine and glitter.


Gemwings (lost continent)

Special places

Villages dot everywhere at least one per tribe territory.

Their capital is way out in the ocean made of pure pearls and the inside is dry in certian bedrooms and all the hallways and main rooms are dry.

Their biggest village is the Sparkling village in Gemwing area which is a huge underwater trading port.

Where you can find us and how to join

The lost continent











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