The average PainWing.

PainWings are Popcorncomet's tribe, so please don't edit or steal. I just started this, so please give ideas and feedback. I will be sure to credit you!


PainWings can come in shades of brilliant scarlet, neon green, or midnight black. They have longer back spines, and the same cluster of added horns that IceWings have, except for the fact that PainWing spikes are longer and sharper. There is also a cluster of smaller spines surrounding the tail, except these contain a painful venom and can be launched off, like a porcupine.



PainWings have wings made of an incredibly flexible, but sharp, material called Jagg Membrane. These wings can cut through wood, scales, and even some metals.

White Fire

PainWings can breathe a white-hot fire that burns the scales and can sometimes even melt them off the skin.


PainWings have a tail full of quills, like a porcupine. These quills can detach from the scales and bury themselves into skin. Each contains a special venom that can cause blood to turn to acid and extreme pain. Some dragons are in so much agony they can fall into comas. Strangely though, this venom is not lethal.



The queen is Queen Malevolent. She is known to be as cunning as Blister and as vicious as Burn.


Hostile, Vicious, Murderous, Damaging, Cruel, Heartless, Scarred


Bloodthirsty, Fierce, Homicidal, Toxic, Ruthless, Malicious


PainWings are one of the most feared tribes in Pyrrhia, but don't let their names deceive you. Most of them are peaceful, tame, and easygoing, and tend to mind their own business in the Pain Kingdom. Even Queen Malevolent herself has not done much lately.


The PainWing kingdom is a kingdom of volcanoes that spew ashes and flowing green lava. They live in cities built of obsidian and ruby, and have a lot of libraries and gardens. Canals of neon-green lava cut through the ground, and the cities are decorated by glittering gemstones.

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