OP Wings are by Glory'sCrowning, and are free to use! (And a joke, too)


OP Wings are very beatifull and are colored gold, silver or bronse. They are very musclular and have huge wings. They also have spikey, strong, poisonus tails. One look at them and you will be enchanted by their grace. They have long, curling horns that are blue if male and pink if female.


One day, the OP Wings were created by the all-mighty queen of the OP Wings, Mary Sue. Then they took over the universe. The end.


  All are animus (but uneffected), fireborn AND iceborn that can be turned off, they can spit venom and breathe fire and ice. They can breathe underwater and swim/fly very well. They all can read minds and see all futures, and have telekinisis. They can speak all animal languages and turn into anything, and they have a lot more powers to be descovered.


Queen: Mary Sue

King: Gary Sue