First of all my TOTALY original concept DeepWings are original and Artemis is a Moonlike psychic so I win. (no saying this is your idea or


DeepWings have been described as a cross between a sailfish sail, an eel, a dragon, a snake, and a frilled shark. they have sails on their backs and bellies (although the sails on their bellies are smaller) they also have sails on their sides to make up for their lack of large wings. Their heads are half circle shaped and they have frill shark teeth. They have small wings although the wings are extremely powerful.


Their bodies can (at will) create and release 2.5 billion joules per second (half a lightning bolt) and can store 25 billion Joules for 2 days (using up a lot of energy during the time). Although not a true ability they are skilled mechanics.


They are with the other native Dragons of the Arson continent SwampWings, SkullWings and the DomestaWing rogues

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