Neonwings are an open species by @sketchimal_ (aka @maplewood.stables) on Instagram. You are not allowed to make royal neonwings. And give credit to owner for making the spieces by posting to #neonwings_wof



NeonWings can be grey or white with grey spots. Neonwings also have neon stripes along their legs, tail, neck, face and back. Their neon stripes can be any color. Non-royals have at least 2 difgerent colors. Their tails also curl into a scorpion tail. They also have indestructible underbellys. Neonwings have at least 8 sets of horns with colors of either yellow, mossy green or brown. Their underbellys are the same colors as their horns. Royals have different traits, they are pure white and the first set of horns are black. Their eyes are also blue and they only have 1 single color on their neon stripes. Neonwings can talk but they mainly use their neon stripes to communicate (kinda like seawings).


Neon Camo:

They can flash their lights to refelct a different image. They can either camouflage with their surroundings or look like different dragons

Scorpion Tail:

They can use their scorpion tip tail to inject poison into their enemies


Neonwings have Alphas. Their current alpha is Blu and he has a daughter named Anthena. Blu may change the laws so Anthena can be a future queen.

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