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NebulaWings are dull black wyverns with beautiful nebula patterns on the underside of their wings. They have a very long tail. Their horns are very long as well and do not curve at all. They have a gem in their chest and each color and shape of gem has a specific ability.


Although NebulaWings have very short tempers, they prefer not to fight and usually only use their gem powers for means of escaping as they are psychically weak.

diamond shaped blue gem - temporarily blinds

circle shaped pink gem - makes dragons fall asleep

teardrop shaped orange gem - makes dragons do whatever the user wants. Usually only found on royalty, very rarely on other dragons.

oval shaped blue gem - paralyzes dragons

Instead of having animus dragons, they have extremely rare dragons with multi-colored gems that can use mind control. These dragons lives are very short.


Their queen is Queen Nyx, and her nebula pattern color is a vibrant green.
Queen Nyx

Queen Nyx. The photo is not mine, I just borrowed it because it looked like her. Source:


Their names are usually related to Greek gods or stars/galaxies.


Each gem has a specific ability, (see Gems). They are rather slow on land but are incredibly fast fliers. They can breath incredibly hot blasts of air that causes dragons immense pain, although it does not permanently wound. They have blunt claws and weak muscles, although their claws are very sharp.