Description: White, lavender, or pale blue scales that can have one of three effects, depending on what moons they were born under; one moon, starry pattern on the undersides of wings, two moons, scalloped silver edges, three moons, glittering dewdrop effect

Abilities: can breathe an obscuring mist, disappear in fog, swim, and ones that are hatched under the comet can have prophecies

Queen: Queen Jadewinter

Students at Jade Mountain: Sapphire, Splendor, Dewcarrier, Silverwater, Misty

Tribe Members (in fanfiction):

Sapphire (named for his unusual sapphire scales)

Splendor (named for her gorgeous lavender scales and white patterns)

Dewcarrier (named for her dewdrop scales and love of morning)

Silverwater (named for his love of water)

Misty (named for her prophetic powers)

Everwinter (named for the huge blizzard he was hatched in)

Selene (named for her scales oddly like the moon)

Lightsnow (named for his snowy wing patterns)