Description: white scales, wisp-y white-silver glittering forked tongues, speak the language of Poicae with their glowing white-silver glow-in-the-dark stripes on their tails/snouts/underbellies, have a bit of silver-white fur that lights up on the ends of their tails, have spikes that light up different colors but mostly silver-white, their eyes seem to vary in different colors, usually very peaceful, yet stupid and can be easily defeated, different colors, spikes on back, fur on tail that lights up, white-silver glow-in-the-dark stripes on tails/snouts/underbellies, stars on forearms, and back legs, sharp claws and teeth, sharp fangs

Abilities: can breathe ice-fire, unknown ability, unknown ability, unknown ability, too useless to mention

Queen: Queen VixSun

Princesses: Angel, Wisp, Lightspirit, Peaceful, Elegant, Mythical, Mystical, Starspirit, Moonlily, Ghostorchid, Sunstrike, Lily, Quartz, Silverstar, Comet, Whitestone, Goldenrith, 

Princes: Starfighter, Starstriker, Whitegiant, Fleshbane, Bloodlily, Vine

Warriors: Griffin, Sphyinx, Beautiful

Most Valued: Archangel, Daydream (Daydream was thrown out of her kingdom, the Dark Dream Kingdom. Her tribe is malevolent and sinister, see 'Wicked Differences: Good and Evil'), Mirage, Sandpiper, Justice, Guardian, Starlight,

Pets: Archangel: Mindscape, Daydream: Wisteria, Angel: Succba, Wisp: Fayemelina

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