LightWings are a fanon tribe made by FireballMudnewt. If you want to make a character please ask me first.


LightWings live in a new land I made up called Gloryiana. Gloryiana is a continent 2,000 miles off the coast of western Pyrrhia.


Head, wings, and legs a bright yellow. Tail and underside of wings are gold. Have long curly horns that glow a silver light. Specks of silver on the underside of their wings. Have very sharp teeth.

The REAL Wings Of Fire-LightWing



Can shoot blasts of light out of their tales. Can glow with bright light whenever they want, blinding dragons. Can look straight into the sun and other bright objects. Can go into extreme heat. Can walk on clouds and build homes on clouds.


According to the LightWings, LightWings were born from the sun-god Sol inside a distant star. The star became weak and was about to go super nova when the LightWings and Sol abandoned the star and fled to the star Pyrrhia orbited. Sol told the LightWings to fly down to Pyrrhia and live there. The LightWings asked Sol if he could come with them. Sol said he had to live in a star. The LightWings landed in the clouds above Gloryiana and lived there for the rest of their lives. LightWing legend says one day the LightWings will join Sol in the sun again. Even if the story is true, the LightWings couldn't go back up to space because they adapted to life on Pyrrhia.


Queen Brightness

More info

LightWings live in the clouds above Gloryiana

LightWings are the only dragon species that can deal considerable damage to SkeletalWings

They con not be turned into a SkeletalWing

They do not need to eat or drink, but they can