A Guide to the LightWings: Written by Beautiful and Mirage - 
~LightWings~' Description: different colors, spikes on back, fur on tail that lights up, white-silver glow-in-the-dark stripes on tails/snouts/underbellies, stars on forearms, and back legs, sharp claws and teeth, sharp fangs Abilities: mind control, can turn into glowing orbs of energy, dazzle, light claw, life shield, cleaning waterfall, rainbow wind fire Queen: Queen Vixsun Princesses: Silverstar, Comet, Vine, way too many to mention Princes: Griffin, Starfighter, Starstriker Most Valued: Archangel, Daydream, Mirage, Sandpiper, Justice, Guardian, Starlight,

~Light Kingdom~

Description: Absolutely, the most beautiful kingdom in all of Pyrrhia,is..... The Light Kingdom! This utopian place is so beautiful, so full of hope and faith and peace, that any tribe who comes to fly over this land is mesmerized by its beauty. With lots of exotic creatures - light spirits - and waterfalls, pillars, clouds, lush farms,  light lands, and SO MUCH MORE! But..... There is also another place that hides secrets...... The Shadow Lands belongs to the Shadow Dragons and the Cross-tribes. 

(See, Shadow Lands) The Will o' the Wisp trees are very common in the Light Kingdom. SO are their libraries and waterfalls. They are also known to have the most beautiful rainbows, and sunsets along with sunrises. Nighttime in this kingdom is amazing, and several dragons come just to see it! Although of course, they cannot come due to the fact there is  a force field protecting these happy dragons.

Language: All dragons in this kingdom know the language, Poicea is pronounced, Peace. They also write in Sunscrit. They will also light up their spines indicating how they feel. They have starry dots of silver on their forearms with have a little bit of fur.

Light Spirits: Light Spirits are wispy wolf-like creatures. They are so calm and happy and any dragon who is welcomed in the kingdom, can own one! One of the queen's most valued dragons has a pet Light Spirit. Her name is Mindscape, and her owner is Archangel.

Shadow Lands: The Shadow Lands belongs to the Shadow Dragons and the Cross-tribes.  These  dragons are eyeless, and where their eyes are, are nothing but empty eyes sockets, with blood. They speak the language of Diethe, which is pronounced as Death. They write in Common. They feast on actual dragons and their pets are Dark Spirits. These dragons are friendly and feast on outsiders, not their LightWing friends, because THEY ARE LIGHTWINGS. 

RuneWings? I say Shadow Dragons! Yes, the dark dragons want to be called Shadow Dragons, but to everyone else they are known as the RuneWings.

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