Cocoheart should done this months ago :c

Kaiwings belong to Cocoheart or something.


See picture, (small, frills with ends that line up, shark like tails, can light up on tail frills front legs wings and chest, etc)

Overall attitude

Common personality traits

(All Kaiwings love jewelry, and are bright minded...even the northerns)


They are very weak and the only that saves them is their regeneration.

They can light up in the dark and make certain sounds.



Most live in the deep ocean, vaguely aware of other tribes.

Northerns live in cold waters, close to freezing so there far more suited than their cousins.

Westies can live in most climates for a few minutes (at the time), and are the most adaptable of all the cousins.

Southerns live in tropical like waters, being the most colourful of their cousins.


Generally most sea creatures, and westies are disease resistant.


All names are multiple words that they choose themselves when they speak. When speaking to non-kaiwings or when their not formal.

Mermaid of the Dark Depths (Mermaid)

Scales of the fish (Scales)

Rush of the River (River)

Roar of the Wild (Wild)

Blazing Star (Star)





Its made up of lighting up, and sounds,


Famous Dragons


Fighting styles



The only ones who can fight them are Seawings, and thats useless (and geophysics doesn’t make sense)  (make this its own thing)


No animus, but other magic??


Houses In stalagmites? Most westies have farms.


The ones closest to the land uses the basic calendar the other tribes use. The ones near the bottom of the ocean floor don’t measure time, nor most northerns don’t either.




, the only town where nonseawings and non kaiwings can visit.

Underwater caves



Kingdom of Sharks, right beside the sandwing, icewing, and flamewings territory. The northens, who have cold hearts, southerns who are flamboyant and stubborn, and westies, who are normal and basic.



Foreign Relations

Seawings: eh

Rainwings: Lazy or something, but cool scales

Mudwings: Cool guys

Skywings: Dislike

Sandwings: Yea I know them

Icewings: WAY too cold

Trickwings: there tricky...what

Deathwings: Jerks who arn’t good in combat

Aviwings: Nice wings

Leafwings: Cool scales but thats all

Driftwings: Cool

Flamewings: WAY too hot (good friends with southerns)

Swiftwings: telekinetic water is cool!

No allies, no enemies

When kaiwings who never visit the surface come to see the strange land of no water, they often brag about their land.

National Colours/ Flag

White and deep blue? Deep blue and black??


Kai is Hawaiian for sea. (Google translate is infamous for not being very good)

Most towns are deep underwater

I realized there was not enough deep water fanon tribes. So I decided to make it for no reason (lol).

An umbrella mouth gulper (don’t ask) is something you see in your nightmares. :/

Maybe based off reef sharks, but I didn’t think of Lionfish!! D:

Maybe pets? Idk

Mitosis, not meiosis, no such things as girls or boys


uh i don’t think so?

Sharptooths (better names anyone?)

Sometimes, another sharptooth has an egg, with two or more dragons inside. They take a few extra days to develop.

*both have darker scales than other dragons

*Very weak, just hardly able to hold a egg

*BUT very fast, dodging most attacks fast

*Sharper teeth and talons than normal

*An purplish armband around both front legs, all the same colour, and they light up


Kaiwings don’t have venomous weapons, only claiming they do so they don’t have to fight. However, a mutation happens in the egg and the dragonet overloads with so much poison their mind is even a bit warped (roll on the insane board of dungeons and dragon?). Their eggs are taken to the surface (or dream land?).



Every month almost every kaiwing has one egg asexually. It happens at different time of the month for almost every Kaiwinings. (Binary Fission)

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