the JadeWings nestled in a place whare all of the current tribes of the Elemenlal - aka the JadeWings,the SaphireWings, EmeraldWings,ZicronWings,SerchineWings, RubyWings and DiamondWings (the type of dragon , for example IceWings and MudWings are Purrian). The thick forest is where JadeWings prefer to live, sleeping on ferns and mosses. They often have territory disputes with the SaphireWings over a bunch of rocks called the Holyrocks. The history behind the Holyrocks is when at the begging when the Tribes first settled in, the dragons decided the SaphireWings could have the Holyrocks because it was surrounded by water and only the SaphireWings didn't mind getting wet-except mabe the EmeraldWings, but they are a peace-loving tribe so they didn't attack- but then the river changed course and the JadeWings thought that the God Of The Water let them have it and thereforth had to fight form now and for ever. The JadeWing territory is about the size of the Ice Kingdom in Wings of fire. Near the back of JadeWing territory is Queen Bluestar's Fortress. Still in progress! Nobody is allowed to edit.