The new version of HydraWings.


HydraWings are large dragons with five heads. Each head was two horns curling down from their head, along with spikes running down their back to the back of their three tails. On each of their tree tails is a sharp spike.

Old HydraWing version.

They are usually brown, gold, gray, and black, however they can be different colors if hybrids. Some are born without wings, and are given mechanical wings instead. They have small, sharp teeth and claws. HydraWing eye colors are usually based on their scale colors, with the gray and black ones having yellow eyes, and brown and gold having green.

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HydraWings are the smartest dragon tribe, and they are even able to create robots. Each head has a personality of its own, and the middle one controls the body. To kill a HydraWing, you have to get rid of all its heads. Its heads grow back if the stump isn't burned within ten minutes. however if the head is burned off as the method to get rid of it it will not grow back, either.

They have increased healing like a MudWing in mud. Alot of HydraWings are animus dragons, however instead of going insane from using their powers, they slowly turn to stone. They can breathe fire if warm enough, and the spikes on the tails are used as weapons for stabbing and slashing other dragons.


A HydraWings name is either like a RainWings, an example is Brilliance, or based off a mythical creature, such as Ladon. Names based off of mythical creatures are the most common, however, mostly females are given names based off mythical creatures.


Their queen is Queen Ladon, a bright yellow HydraWing with moss green eyes and one head burned off. She has normal wings, and is not an animus.