Basically, mountain climbing soccer with a triangle frissbee xD

(A game made by greywings, which integrated into honorwing civilians and it takes place in high mountain peak areas. Most dragons fly while playing.

There is a large triangle frisbee that is tossed from teams, and the other team is trying to get it in the their own teams goal.)


No one is supposed to use their wings, and they are meant to climb. Most stages are set up in high mountain areas, but not high enough to fall and snap your neck, just a bit of pain. The triangle firsbee is thrown to their team members and is to be thrown into their own nets.

The teams stay on the ground, and one dragon flies high up. They drop the firsbee, and the other dragons have to climb the walls to get to their own posts. When the frisbee goes into the goal, the team who put in won.

Core Rules

  • ONLY the reffree can fly



Winning Goblet

The goal is actually a small goblet like thing that is placed on the plateau.

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