This tribe was made by ParallelPegasus and her only! Please do not edit this page or steal this tribe! Thank you!



GeoWings appear as pixelated dragons, and will glitch out here and there. Sometimes, if nervous, they will glitch and teleport somewhere else, as a pixelated, electric-blue square-y comet. Their eyes are usually blue or purple, and they are black, with patterns such as speckles or lines, or any patterns on their back. Parallel however, is a dragon with red-gold freckles by her eyes, with a white stripe starting at the tip of her snout, to the end of her tail. Her eyes are sunset-colored, but are gradient and glow. She has a pixelated flurry around her, with smoke rising from her scales, like Peril, though her scales don't burn when in contact. In fact, they make the dragon glitch, and will have seizure-like movements.


GeoWings' abilities include their teleporting and glitchy invisibility. They have night vision, with large ears. Because they are more developed for the night, sudden sunlight weakens them, and drains their energy. But if it is dawn, they are fine, but stand out. They also have echolocation, much like a bat.


The Queen is Queen Trapezoid. She is nice, but can be a little harsh, when it comes to punishments. However, this doesn't mean that she is a brainless ninny, she is clever, and sly, and can appear in your room without you even noticing. Like Queen Scarlet, she has a champion. Her name is Parallel.

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