FlareWings are usually red-gold, with a pale gold underbelly. They have the body shape of a SkyWing, but their sides have either a gold or white stripe. This marks the ranking, such as Non Royal, or Royal. Most dragons are common, as most of the Royal Dynasty was murdered. This was called the Murder of a Thousand Souls, and every brightest night, the entire FlareWing tribe sacrifies one body part to a fire. This isn't bad, as FlareWings instantly grow a new body part if they were to lose one. FlareWings have a sail that runs down their back that is a sail of fire. This is do to the fact that like Peril, (Canon,) has smoke rising from her scales, just like FlareWings. FlareWings can also stand up on two legs quite easily, to make themselves seem more threatening.


FlareWings have an ability that allows them a deadly, toxic, burn bite that when a dragon is bitten, the venom burns the insides, until it reaches the brain, thus burning the heart, the lungs, pretty much everything. Surprisingly, the victim will not die until the venom burns through the skull and burns the brain into a charred lump of nothing. This bite is very powerful, but because FlareWings are hidden away, they do not use this ability very often.


The Queen is Queen Volcara. She is nice, but sometimes she can be a little harsh. However, this doesn't mean that she is cruel, it just means she is hard on everyone, herself included. She doesn't have a family though, as they were murdered. She has ruled for over 45 years, and still rules today. Her most valued dragons are, Pyro, Inferno, Kasarra, Spitfire, Gunfire, Bonfire, Flare, and Hades.

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