FireWings are large and skinny. They have huge, long horns that branch off from the top of their head. They have bright red scales, with orangish tints. They have medium sized wings.


They can breathe fire, they can fly well, good fighters, can resist lava.


Queen Redd


King Bloodrush


Princess Crimson, Princess Scarlett, Princess Flamingstorn, Princess Xuni


Prince Bloody, Prince Rednight, Prince Wound, Prince Vein

Home Information:

They live on a hot volcano, and some of the buildings are actually built underwater(underlava), like the deep sea palace only with lava.

Other Tribes Near Them: PolarWings, EclipseWings, CliffWings, SolarWings, PoisonousWings, StarringWings


They can sometimes be born with 'too much lava', meaning they're literally made out of lava, and then they can scorch someone with the slightest touch ever.

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