~Fantasy~ Description: black-purple scales, starry silver scales on tail, snout, forearms and legs, dark purple-blue eyes with veins of electric blue Abilities: can possess dragons, shapeshift, breathe a sleep-vapor, several unknown abilities Destiny: will stop the two SandWing sisters, Sister of the South, and Sister of the North
~Daydream~ Description: blue-purple scales, swirling nebulas, beautiful green-blue eyes Abilities: can cast a Dream Shield, give good and bad dreams, can deliver a coma/slower movements/sleep-death venom bite Destiny: will overthrow the evil Queen Illusion from invading Pyrrhia, and will bring peace and harmony to the Mindscape, or otherwise known as the Dark Dream Kingdom

                                ~Mindscape~ Description: swirling nebulas, can change to whatever the dragon is feeling. This magical kingdom is too complicated to explain. The creatures who live here are the Wondermoths. The queen is Queen Illusion, while the heir to the throne is Daydream. Daydream's egg was somehow fused with Fantasy's. (See DreamWing History)                              ~Floria~ Description: Floria! This magical, kingdom is one of the prettiest kingdoms in all of Pyrrhia! This beautiful galaxy, can change its form. Some times it will look like an island, (a very large island, mind you,) or sometimes it will look like a cloud. A simple black or white cloud. The creatures who live here are the Dream Spirits. Fantasy's pet Dream Spirit is called Wikerus. Floria, is a galaxy, but when other dragons visit this wonderful kingdom, they see shimmering cities, nebulas, comets! Their queen is Queen Supernova, and the heir to the throne is Fantasy. 

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