Deathgem do not steal or Ill be forced to detonate the device. *evil laughter*

WOF base fade wings

Their basic logo made by a basic account


They live in a secret jungle in the mountains. They are good with living in caves and mountains.

Mainly living at the claws of the cloud mountains, a secret jungle lies in a deep valley. Most of their cities are underground in huge caves.


Females scale starts a very dark blue and fades to a white tinted blue around the tail. Their eyes commonly have blood red tint.

Males have the same as females scales but red. The eyes are turquoise.

They both have one scale that looks like its pure gold right at the top their head.


what animus scales do.

They have medium wings so they fit in small places.


Claws produce a poison that is see through. They have no breath weapons but they can store water in there mouth and make it boiling hot and shoot it really far.

They can swing from branch to branch with their tail that naturally curls.


The gold scale at the top of their head can paralyze them if you hit it, but only for twenty minutes.


There names are based off physical things the jungle and sometimes mountains

The royalty are usually named after sparkly things like treasures and natural light sources.

If your name is Leeches your family doesn't love you.

Royal family

Queen Firefly

She is a powerful and respected ruler who is strict.

King Fungiglow

He is a smart dragon who thinks twice about things.

Princess Gold

She loves fighting. Tricking dragons is her talent. Rosequarts twin.

Princess Rosequarts

She is an artist and she is an aminus. Princess Golds twin.

Prince Lantern

A brave dragon who takes leaps of faith.

Prince Sunlight

He thinks twice like his father and is very brave.

Prince Star

He is shy, but if you know him he will help you with being happy. He is Only two years old.


They eat bats, sloths, piranha, eels.

There desserts are snakes and birds.

They also eat fruits but only sometimes.


They believe that there are gods for all earth elements. They think that if they name someone leech than you are the greatest villain because they suck blood, to them they suck out all happiness and joy. They believe if they sacrifice a great warrior to the gods every twenty years they will be safe.


there money is a gold ring with gold strings in the center. with a circle in it, it has dragon on it. that's there gold pieces. there silver and bronze pieces look exactly like that too, but different colors.(colors are silver and bronze, obliviously)

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