EnchantmentWings have a Fair and Just Ruler Queen Taika. AnimusWings names are usually words that are mystical for example Twila (Star Girl), Nima (Fire Girl),Rayen (Flower Girl).

EnchantmentWings 1


EnchantmentWings are a mix of the different dragon tribes they have a SandWing barbed tail, RainWing scales, SkyWing wings and SwiftWing hair.


EnchantmentWings have animus ability's but they don't lose their souls unless they use their powers for evil, EnchantmentWings can use their barbed tail, EnchantmentWings can breathe fire, EnchantmentWings can change the colour of their scales and when they do they can stay that colour for years without it changing for example Queen Taika keeps her scales pink and her wings blue, EnchantmentWings can fly as fast as a SkyWing and EnchantmentWings can shape-shift into any animal and get the animal they turn into's ability's


EnchantmentWings have the same instincts as mud wings they put their eggs in a safe warm place and when they hatch the first hatched becomes the Bigwings but there are also some EnchantmentWings who have lost to many sibs are assigned to care for the young dragonets just like they would care for their sibs.