the elementalwings are cool because they can process any elements

the elements

  1. water
  2. air
  3. earth
  4. fire
  5. ice
  6. light
  7. shadow

colors for the scales(to see which element they are)

  1. water are blues
  2. Air are light grey
  3. earth are brown
  4. fire are red
  5. ice are white
  6. light are light peach
  7. shadow are black

powers they can get

  1. Telekinesis
  2. telepathy
  3. pyrokinesis( no fire born elemental dragon)
  4. precognition
  5. healing
  6. atmokinesis







  1. first no fire born element dragon can't have pyrokinsis
  2. secondly if born under 1 moon it has one power, if born under 2 it has two powers and if born under 3 moons then it has 3 powers.
  3. you can add anything if wanted
  4. if you find any more elements add them if u can

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