They have jet-black scales, and all of them have a giant moon shaped splotch on their chest. Depending when they were born they can be any of the following: Lunars, Solars, or Fulls. Lunars have a Red splotch. Solars have a white rimmed black splotc. Fulls have a white splotch.


The moon on their chest can control, pause, and rewind time. They can breathe fire.


Queen Moonlight


King Blackness


Princess Luna, Princess Starlight, Princess Ember


Prince Midnight, Prince Dark

Home Imformation:

They live on the dark side of the continent, where eclipses happen often.

Other Tribes Near Them:

FireWings, PolarWings, CliffWings, SolarWings, PoisonousWings, StarringWings


They can be born without a moon, meaning they can't control tims, they can ny breathe fire.

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