Description: navy, blue, or purple scales, lighter underscales, bioluminescent tail orb, petite body structure, light up orbs on wings and body, long, straight, slightly curved horns, three white teardrops near eyes

Abilities: Bioluminescent tail orb, can enter dragon's dreams without a dreamvisitor, communicate telepathically

Location: five islands east of the Ice Kingdom and north of the SkyWing kingdom

Queen (Canon Timeline): Queen Nova

Alliances: NightWings, IceWings, SwiftWings


IMG 6504

DreamWing's scales are typically deep shades of blue, purple, or navy, with black and grey being

uncommon but not an impossible colorization. Their underscales and under bellies are usually light shades of lilac, blue, or grey, although black and white are once again uncommon, but still possible colors.

DreamWing's have very unique tails. Instead of ending in a point like most other dragon types, they end in a curled spiral, much resembling a snail shell. These "orbs" are bioluminescent, and DreamWings can light them up on will. 

Much like NightWings, DreamWings have three silver teardrop shaped scales near their eyes, which tend to glisten in the moonlight. The older the dragon, the duller the scale becomes, and when the dragon dies, the scales disappear completely. Another unusual feature DreamWings have is their wing "fingers," which spiral off from the main joint, ending in a bioluminescent orb, similar to their tail. 

DreamWings have very long legs for their bodies and end with very long, hooked talons, very good for gripping the rocks on the mountains that they live on, but not very good for cutting through objects. DreamWing's wings are very good for gliding, and are quite large for their bodies, but due to the fact that they're are naturally very petite, their wings look very scrawny compared to other tribes. 

These dragon's have ear ruffs, very similar to RainWing's, and also have a sharp horn that resides on the top of their nose. DreamWing's occassionally use this to cut through branches, but mostly they're just used for show.

Abilities and Weaknesses

DreamWings have light up tail orbs, which are fragile and can easily be damaged. DreamWings have full contol over when and how long the orbs glow, and much like SeaWings, they have a very simple and basic language that includes, but not limited to, simple words like "quiet, hide, go, follow me, stop, danger, and safe." This language was created to help young dragonets who could not yet control their telepathy, but still needed to follow orders over long-distances. If damaged, a DreamWing could possibly only cast a dim light, but in some cases, they lose the basic ability to light up their tail orb.

DreamWings can communicate telepathically with all dragons as long as they have laid eyes on them before. They usually only speak to their tribe, due to the the fact that they're the only dragons that can respond back. It takes the dragons about three years to fully develop their powers, and DreamWings usually start strengthing and exploring their abilities at about the age of a year. 

The most important power that DreamWing's possess is their ability to enter other dragon's dreams without a dreamvisitor. However, DreamWing's are strictly forbidden to enter other dragon's dreams until they have completed their Dreamvisting Abilities, Powers, Limitations and Rules, or DAPLR test, and even then they are strictly watched over by the council to ensure that they are not misusing their ability and instead using it for the good of Phyrria. This power has lead to the DreamWings having much influence over many wars in Phyrria's history, including the war over IceWing Isle, the war between the DreamWings and the SandWings, and the deadly war between the DreamWings and the SkyWings. The dragon must be asleep to enter another's dreams, and must also have a vivid mental picture of the dragon they want to visit. 

Although very powerful dragons during the night, DreamWings are rather weak when it comes to fighting in the day. DreamWings have little natural defenses, and their scales are soft and easy to injure. Their hooked claws, although perfect for gripping rocks in mountainous regions, are actually quite dull. DreamWing's teeth are slightly sharper than their claws, but still offer very little in a fight. Although they have quite large wings for their tiny bodies, DreamWings can't fly very quickly, but are silent and good gliders.



Keisthai is a non-fatal but harmful disease that effects DreamWings only in the winter- when their islands are below freezing temperatures. Keisthai effects the sleeping habits of the dragon by causing a minor snout infection. This causes DreamWings to only be able to sleep for up to an hour at a time, making dream visiting difficult. This disease causes DreamWings to become very overly tired, seeing how they normally need at least six hours to rest.


Finis is a condition that causes DreamWings to be trapped in the dream of the dragon that they're currently visiting. This condition is not harmful in any way to the dragon, seeing how they are released as soon as the dragon wakes up, but can cause problems in the society, since the DreamWing can no longer contribute their duties.


Ignisious is a condition that causes the scales of dragons to warm up immensely, creating blisters and burns. As described by overlookers, it looks and sounds as if the dragon is being burned alive. Most often, this condition is fatal, and kills dragons quite quickly, usually within one to three days. If the victim does recover, their scales often are burnt black and twisted, and they can no longer produce a flame or frost breath, depending on the tribe. This disease affects many DreamWings each year on the island of Sunne, but rarley any tribe off the islands.

Slumber, Twin, and Animus DreamWings

Animus DreamWings

It is unknown in which exact family of DreamWings animus powers originated from, just the fact that one of the earliest Queens of the DreamWings, Queen Lunar, arranged the marriage of Cosmo and Princess Constellation to enforce that animus powers traveled through the royal bloodline. Much like IceWings, DreamWings only let animus dragons use their powers once; to create an item for the tribe that would ensure its safety and advance their power. However, intead of using the power on a specific date, animus dragons are free to use their power whenever, as long as they have checked with the Queen to ensure that it was a great enough gift to use their power for. In some occasions, the Queen picks what the animus uses their power for, like with Princess Crater, who was fored to use her power making the DreamWing islands invisible to any dragon that was not welcomed there.

Slumber DreamWings

Slumber DreamWings are dragonets who are born permanently asleep, almost as if they are in a coma. They do not have the ability to wake up, however, they stay alive as long as they continue to be active in other dragon's dreams. DreamWings most often use these otherwise useless dragons as spies or messengers, however, very little is known about them.

Twin DreamWings

In some instances, just like all dragons, DreamWings give birth to twins. In this case, the two dragonets are emotionally attached, and can't survive long distances without each other. Both dragons share the same dreams, however, if one twin is not sleeping, or close to being asleep, the other twin will not be able to either. This can cause major health issues. Twin DreamWings, when trained properly, can be a very great pair, but more often than not, both twins end up dying at young ages. 


MudWings: Not much is known of this tribe, and the DreamWings don't generallly communicate with them. 

SeaWings: The DreamWings aren't experts on SeaWings, but they are trading partners and deeply admire their architecture.

IceWings: DreamWings generally like this tribe, and they often side with each other in wars. The two tribes share a border, and it is common to see the occasional DreamWing flying in the Ice Kingdom at dusk. The two tribes actually have a lot of the same ideas and concepts, which allows them to get along as well as they do.

NightWings: Although on entirely different sides of Phyrria, they are very close allies. They often side with each other in wars, seeing how they can both communicate telepathically and are strongest in the element of night. Although NightWings, without question are the DreamWing's biggest ally, there is some friendly competition bewtween the two tribes, and occssionally they get into petty fights with each other. NightWings are often welcomed in DreamWing territory, and vice versa.

RainWings: DreamWings know very little about RainWings, but from what they've heard and read from the NightWings, think that RainWings are fascinating. They hope that sometime in the future they could become allies.

SandWings: Despite being bordering tribes, the DreamWings and SandWings aren't very close allies. They occasionally side with each other in wars, but more often than not they both keep to themselves. The two tribes have gotten into a few wars in the past, but overral, they aren't enemies and frankly more like acquaintances.

SkyWings: Saying that the DreamWings despise the SkyWings would be an understatement. The two tribes have lots of tension between them, but both hold back from going to war over land with the other due to the fact that both tribes fear the number of casualties.

AviWings: Rarely do AviWings and DreamWings mix, and both know very little about one another. They do the occasional trade. 

DeathWings: The DreamWings are neutral towards this tribe, fearing how close DeathWings are to DreamWing territory. DreamWings try to stay on the good side of this tribe to avoid any devastating war.

DriftWings: The DreamWings know very little about this tribe, but will occasionally trade from time to time.

LeafWings: The DreamWings know little to nothing about this tribe, therefore are neutral.

TempestWings: DreamWings aren't close with this tribe, seeing how the TempestWings are allied with the SkyWings. They generally avoid one another, due to the fact that DreamWings feel as if the tribe is too rowdy, and TempestWings feel as if the DreamWings are too mysterious.

SwiftWings: The DreamWings and the SwiftWings are close allies, siding in wars and trading often. Never in Phyrrian history have these tribes gone to war.

TrickWings: The DreamWings deeply fear the TrickWings, seeing how they attacked DreamWing territory over a hundred years ago, devastating the land. DreamWings try not to get on the bad side of the TrickWings, and instead keep to themselves, ensuring the safety of their tribe.


DreamWing territory stretches along the wing of the continent bordering SkyWing territory, the northern part of the Kingdom of Sand, Exile Island, and the southern part of the Ice Kingdom. What is not shown on the map is a small chain of five sceret hidden islands, hidden from view by an animus spell, four about average size, and one larger island that houses the council and the main palace. 

Most of the DreamWing region is an exeptionally rocky terrain, but upon approaching the territory that borders the Kingdom of Sand and the Ice Kingdom, the landscape entirely changes. Therefore, DreamWings tend to not use this territory for housing, and instead, use it for negotiating trade and having council meetings.


Steorra is the smallest of the DreamWing islands. This island is the main housing area for DreamWings, and only one astrology tower resides there. The landscape is a rocky mountainous terrain, similar to all of the other islands, but is quite a bit warmer than all of the others. Lush rivers run through the landscape, and the air is often moist and filled with life, inlcuding fruit, lizards, possums, monkeys, fish and other small prey that the DreamWings diet on.


Mona is another of the smaller islands in the archipelago, and again, is one of the main housing areas. Mona is typically colder than the other islands, and lots of pine trees cover it's surface. 


Sunne houses the main astrology tower in the archipelago, as well as many DreamWing star gazing towers. The crystal lagoon is located in the center of the island, and many dragons go there to get their futures read and hear bits and pieces of prophecies.


The island Planeta houses the DreamWing army. There, dragons train to improve their battle skills in an intense boot camp, watched over by the General of the army, and whichever princess is currently the chief of the island.


Galaxias is the main island in the archipelago, and houses the DreamWing Royal Palace, the Council, and the DreamWing Schools. Beginner level, which teaches young dragonets the basics, including history, how to read and write, and the DreamWing luminescent language. Intermediate level focuses on teaches the dragonets how to control their powers, and advanced focuses on improving a few of the dragons specific skill based on their chosen job. Galaxias also houses many astronomy towers, and a few tower homes.

Exile Island

Exile Island is the DreamWing prison, and is located in the gulf between the Kingdom of Sand and the SkyWing kingdom. Here, DreamWings keep their prisoners or law breakers in a underground cave which is full of animus touched prison cells, enchanted so that only dragons with permission from the Queen can open them. The prison is guarded by the Queen's most trusted citizens. 


DreamWings, just like all tribes, are lead by one queen responsible for keeping the kingdom happy and creating new laws. The current queen must also pick four of her female heirs, (princesses) to govern one island, either Mona, Planeta, Sunne, or Steorra. Although all major decisions must be authorized by the queen herself, minor problems can be resolved by the princesses. This way of rule was created so that the queen wasn't getting to overwhelmed in minor problems and could focus on the greater ones. The queen, however, is fully in charge of everything that occurs in her kingdom, and is advised by her council. The council is made up of five dragons, each representing a different Classis. These dragons were chosen by their fellow neighbors on their homeland to express their opinions to the queen to hopefully create better lives for everyone. The council is also responsible for over seeing dream visiting and army training, which are checked in on at random. Every four years the members of the council are changed to try to keep it so that different opinions can be expressed. 

Society and Inventions

DreamWings are natural astronomers, they love to study the night sky above them, so naturally their houses would be built so they could see the stars. Some of the earliest DreamWing architects designed magnificent, vastly tall domes resting on collumns they called towers. Most have one to two overly-large rooms, and at least one side of the tower is always full of windows engraved with beautiful maps of constellations. DreamWing towers litter mostly all the surface of the islands, seeing how they take up very little ground space. Similar to the Lost City of Night, higher ranked DreamWings are awarded towers better opted to see the stars.

DreamWings were the first tribe to invent telescopes with the help of the animus prince, Stargazer. He was obsessed with being able to see the moons and stars of Phyrria up closer, so when the time came for him to use his gift, he created twenty-one magical hollow sticks able to zoom in on the stars.

The DreamWing army is lead by one deputy, hand picked by the current queen and her council. Howver, it is split into thirteen different clans, all containing about 20 dragons controlled by a general who is responsible for leading and improving their assigned group. Having an appointed unit and general helps the army stay strong and loyal while fighting enemies.

The ELITES are a group of incredibly trained DreamWing assasins able to sneak through the night without a trace. The group of eight dragons are bred from the moment they were born to be amazingly quiet and merciless, although it betrays the natural welcoming and harmony of normal DreamWings. This group often goes on tasks for the current queen and the council. Rarely do they ever fail their missions.


In the vast terrain of the DreamWing kingdom, not many secrets go unkept. Although a generally mysterious and quiet, nocturnal tribe, they are quite advanced with their talon-made gadgets. All DreamWings are educated, and it is the law that all dragonets go to school for at least three years before becoming an adult, when they come back to school for another two years to expand their knowledge on their chosen profession.

DreamWings are naturally peaceful and harmonic dragons at heart. Rarely do they ever cause fights between tribes, but if they do, they have good reason. Although light-hearted and intelligent, DreamWings can be very sneaky when they need to be, and can practically disappear into the shadows of the night. Rather than up-front confrontation, DreamWings like to hide until they have the upper hand, and for that, tribes often think that they are cowrdly and untrustworthy. 

It is also DreamWing law that an heir to the throne may not challenge the queen until they are at least five years old. The only exception is when the underage dragon is the only living heir and the queen has died unexpectedly. Then, the princess becomes queen, but the council manipulates most of her decisions until she is the required age.

There is no limit as to how many offspring DreamWings can have, but most don't have more than three clutches. A clutch usually has about 1-2 dragonets, but as many as five eggs can be born at a time.

The DreamWing islands are littered with harvesting farms run by dragons from the Fifth Classis. Due to the fact that DreamWings have pretty dull teeth, their diet mostly includes fruit, insects, but occasionally eggs and very small rodents are dined on as well.

Bluestone Gathering

Two times a year, once at the Winter Solstice and once at the Summer Solstice, every DreamWing gathers on the island of Galaxias to join in a social star-gazing ceremony. Every gathering, the DreamWings hold a contest to name a new constellation in the night sky. The winner gets a small reward as well as their name engraved into a slate in the royal DreamWing library, displayed for all to see.

The Trials

The day DreamWings turn the desired age of seven, they are brought to Planeta, where they are introduced to a series of trails which will pave the entirety of their life to come. Throughout the course of three days, (one day for each part of the trial) the DreamWing is pushed to their breaking point, both mentally and physically. Their score (out of a hundred) determines which island the dragon is cast to, which jobs they can apply for, and which number gets tattooed to their front most left talon.

The first part of the DreamWing Trials is a knowledge gatherer, and is simply described as a four hour long test asking questions on everything the dragonet has learned in the past three years of school. The second part is physical, and the DreamWing is put through a series of agility, obstacle, flying, fighting, and escaping courses. Laslty, the third section is mental, and is scored based on how well and in control the dragon seems to be in while dream visiting.

If a dragon scores 0-50, they land in the Fifth Classis, and are brought to the poor island of Mona, where they are given a very small sized tower and the number 5 tattooed on their scales. The dragon will most likely be given the job of a gatherer, a farmer, a servant to royalty, or a teacher, but the occupations of a history-recorder and guard are also possible.

If the dragon manages to get the score of 51-69, they are deemed part of the Fourth Classis, where they are brought to Steorra, and are given a fair sized stargazing tower and a fair amount of money. They usually go on and choose the craft of history-recorder, guard, teacher, scholar, or crafter, but an astronomer and chef is also possible.

The island of Sunne houses Third Classis dragons who scored 70-84 on their trials. Here, in the lush green pines and crystal clear lakes, they are given medium sized towers with lovely views of the night sky and fair wealth, enough to allow them the wonderful pleasures of life. Dragons in the Third Classis usually become astronomers or advisors to the princesses, but some ocassionally become apart of the DreamWing army.

Second Classis dragons are very wealthy dragons who scored 85-95, living on the island Planeta. Here, they are given beautifully engraved towers with wonderful views and telescopes. Dragons that land in the Second Classis often go off to become members or generals of the army, architects and astronomers.

Lastly, First Classis dragons scored 97-100, and are gifted with the most magnificent riches and lives, including vast amounts of treasure, scrolls, huge towers with magnificent views. They live on Galaxias with the Queen and her council, as well as all the nobles. Dragons that are apart of the First Classis often are given the roles of astronomers, advisors, generals of the armies, painters, star-gazers, scholars or explorers.

Naming System

DreamWings are almost always named after things relating to do with the night sky or space. However, the dragons can also be named after types of dreams. 

Name examples:

Nightmare, Eclipse, Star, Comet, Nebula, Flare, Nova, Asteroid, Meteor, Celestial, Crescent, Universe, Solar, Dusk, Moon, Twilight, Mirage, Stargazer

Important Names

Princess Eclipse: The female DreamWing who created the alliance between the NightWings and the DreamWings

Queen Nightmare: The deadliest of all DreamWing queens, she was constantly at war with neighbooring tribes and killed prisoners for fun, was eventually overthrown by Princess Eclipse

Stargazer: The male DreamWing who first created telescopes

Princess Constellation: The female dragon who by arranged marriage gave the royal bloodline the animus gene

Cosmo: The male dragon who by arranged marriage gave the royal bloodline the animus gene

Crater: The only DreamWing ever to score 0 on his trial, he was cast out of the tribe due to the fact that nobody knew what to do with him

Venus: The only DreamWing ever to score a perfect 100 on her trial, she immediately was brought to the palace where she grew up bathed in riches



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